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The Freedcamp 2019 Company Retreat

Freedcamp 2019 Company Retreat

Continued Tradition

As our company grows it’s important to establish traditions. The team’s favorite tradition is the yearly retreat hosted in a different location each time. We enjoy the time together by taking part in various activities which promote stronger relationships between our remote developers.


This year we decided to keep the retreat laser-focused on learning and our upcoming Version 4. In order to ensure the highest level of educational materials were provided, we hired some of the best conference speakers to come and share their skills with the team.


After intensive lessons, we took a day to enjoy nature in our little mountain resort. After a short hike, we discovered the remains of a competition ski run that had been forgotten for decades.


With some downtime behind us, we took part in our traditional hackathon. It allows employees to group together and work on fun projects they come up with. The results were astounding, everyone showcased their skills, presenting some phenomenal work. Sadly most of the work done during our hackathons is secret sauce we prefer to keep private.


Freedcamp Team Dinner

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