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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp?

As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight:


  • Create the next recurrent task manually.
  • Custom Fields now supported in XLS export and Data Feeds for Projects, Tasks and Calendar Boards.


Notifications Page

  • Improved ‘Items you were mentioned in’ section to show items you were mentioned in that are unread.

Email Notifications

  • Added Calendar Event times into Recap email.
  • Emails with notifications now contain all the options you need to unsubscribe or completely mute all emails.

Issue Tracker

  • ‘Complete’ button is now shown to guest users when applicable.
  • Added mobile support for the Issue Report embed.


  • Improved file view interface – a page you see when you click a file name in Files application to see comments and versions as well as subscribers. It allows now to jump to file’s context and shows file location in a directories tree.
  • When uploading folders with files on Mac we exclude custom icon file starting with a dot.
  • Google Drive integration – file picker now contains your Google Drive folders by default.
  • Google Drive integeration – we now ask your permission for a read only access as we never needed more to be able to link files in Freedcamp.


  • Major Performance improvements in entire system.
  • API and Zapier – task list id is optional now when creating a new task.
  • Project color can be entered or pasted with # character.
  • Removed the placeholders ‘add a new project’ on the Projects Board – you will now see more projects in both card and list view.
  • If you edit a task and are not assigned and subscribed to a task we will not subscribe you to it.
  • Fixed Firefox shortcut to switch projects in the projects picker.