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Improved email notifications

We have made email notifications more readable.


You can see that font sizes were increased(1), most important parts even bigger and bolder. We also made more visible link allowing to unsubscribe from items you do not wish to follow (2).


Here is an example of an email notification before this change:


We also added a list of attached files to email notifications so you can see if anything was attached to a task or a comment. Previously online inline inserted images were shown.


We will release new functionality to create new tasks, discussions or upload files via email in a few weeks and will be working on changing Freedcamp to send less emails and do it more intelligently. Let’s look at this scenario:

– Task A was created by Bob at 12:15
– Bob edits task assigning Joan at 12:20
– Joan posts a comment and set’s a due date at 12:25
– Phil adds comment at 12:27

If you are subscribed to this task you will get 4 emails for each action. With this improvement done, you will only get one email with all final tasks details and comments posted. We will slightly delay email notifications sending anticipating more changes after the first change but keep a cut over time to 30 min or so to make sure you will get notified sooner rather than later. We will try to balance between updating you about changes and sending less emails.