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We improved your data backups – thanks to cursorsystems!

A while ago we added Backups to Freedcamp addressing concerns about the precious data we store – are we secure, how often we do backups, are they securely stored, what if I want to download and store my data etc.

Until now backups contained only typed data in XML format – language similar to HTML you can open using your web browser but, most importantly, easily parse-able so you can write some code easily to import it into different systems.

Today we are announcing a huge improvement to backups containing all attached files (excluding GDrive files as they are not physically stored in Freedcamp) and the much requested XLS files containing issues, tasks, time records and milestones. You will find such files below each of your backed up project folder once you downloaded your backup from Freedcamp.

In addition we added global XLS export files containing records from all of your projects for the same application making it easier for you and faster to run your daily, weekly or monthly reports.

This all became possible now – thanks to our customer and sponsor cursorsystems – small IT company from Berlin. We would truly appreciate you to support our sponsors by going to and saying ‘thank you’.
For all our customers in Germany cursorsystems will be glad to talk to you if you are looking at implementing a help​ ​desk system for your business, collaboration software (including help with Freedcamp), planning systems and call center software.

cursorsystems – big kudos from all of us at Freedcamp! We are adding your logo to our new supporters page right now.