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Release 1.0.1

From the feedback our users have been providing, here is a list of bugs we’ve fixed so far:

– FIX: File upload in certain web browsers
– FIX: Broken link when receiving email notification from discussions comment
– FIX: Broken link while editing “time” when a user doesn’t have permissions to do so
– FIX: Broken “Is billable” check box on the Time page
– FIX: Invoice total wasn’t calculating properly
– FIX: Last logged in time wasn’t displaying properly
– FIX: Broken breadcrumbs on Edit Account page
– FIX: Open tag scripts causing issues with to-do’s and logs
– FIX: Broken RSS feed on dashboard and main page
– SECURITY: Limited Freedcamp login attemps to five
– FIX: Generation of unique project name when multiple spaces provided
– FIX: Restricted javascript injection
– FIX: Invoice sent to client

List of new features:

– New cloud server (improved speed)
– Basecamp import improvements
– ADD: Email invitation verification
– FIX: Basecamp to-do assignment
– FIX: Make sure unique name is alphanumeric
– FIX: Various fixes and improvements
– ADD: Auto suggest invite tag system
– ADD: Gravatar link from user account settings
– ADD: Deleting a user from a project
– ADD: Editing notifications settings for discussions after a discussion is created

Upcoming Features:

– SSL Certificate (potential downtime this weekend)
– Link To-Dos with discussions/time tasks
– More improvements to Basecamp Import
– Email Notifications and Reminders (with due dates)
– To-Do Collapsible Groups and more
– Invoices and Time Widget improvements