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Project Management. Completely Free, Forever.

It’s an amazing thing nowadays — so many products are offered for free. We have free education through MIT, free email accounts with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, free VOIP with Skype, even an entire section of Craigslist is dedicated to giving away free things. It’s amazing to see these things bloom and become a huge part of our lives, especially since they require no monetary investment. Offering your product for free allows people from all walks of life the chance to try something they otherwise might not be able to. We strongly believe this is where good ideas become great, and products begin to revolutionize and evolve.

Project management is a competitive field, and we recognize this. Tens, if not hundreds of solutions have been created in the last few years, all boasting unique features, creative designs, and catchy slogans. Unfortunately, they all have something in common; A PRICE TAG. It’s easy to understand why they charge for their product, and it’s almost expected in the field of business. What’s incredibly difficult to understand is that not one project management solution has deviated from this business model. In the few years that online project management has been around not one team has discovered a new way to become successful or even profitable. This is where Freedcamp steps in.

Far too many people simply don’t have the extra funding to invest in a product, specifically something that they’ve never tried. In our experience, these are the people that could benefit the most from a free product. In business, budgets exist as a way to control spending. To emphasize, many schools have a limited budget often laying off teachers to compensate, small businesses need to account for all their spending to stay profitable, and non-profits are dependent on volunteers and donations. Even students are more or less living off small wages with very little pocket money for additional things. When you don’t have that extra spending money it’s hard to invest in something you’ve never used. Freedcamp allows you see what you’ve been missing, while keeping external costs to minimum. We truly believe a free solution is the best solution.

We believe our product can help the world, freeing people from the shackles of unnecessary spending, while becoming the first project management solution to offer our service completely free, forever. Freedcamp is a place where people can connect, share, and create in an intuitive manner. The first project management system where anyone, anywhere, can join in and discover new ideas.

As a free product, many people are instinctively hesitant to switch. Freedcamp is here to prove why free services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Craigslist are universally recognized and appreciated. We’ve created an amazing product, virtually providing the same, if not more than our competitors. A few features we offer are: the ability to create and manage to-do’s, build discussions, set milestones, track time, and create invoices easily and effectively. Some of the exclusive features we offer are: The ability to house an unlimited number of projects and users, Basecamp import, an integrated Meebo chat bar, and Facebook Connect. Project management has never been so sweet.

We aren’t here to change the world, but rather spread the word that free has finally arrived. Give us a shot and you’ll see why you will never have to pay for project management again.