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Add your mind maps to projects with MindMup Atlas

Mind maps are an awesome way to visualize large or small ideas. How things are related, and what leads to what. If you have heard of mind maps and would like to use then within Freedcamp here is how you can implement them into your tasks.

You can switch editor in Freedcamp to source mode (1)

Mind Map Freedcamp add

add your mind map this way (2):

<iframe height="700" width="100%" 
src="" >

This is how your Mindmup Atlas mind map will look in tasks, comments, discussions and wikis:

Mind Map Freedcamp example

It works exactly the same way as adding videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

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  1. Big new changes – subtasks, subfolders, iPhone app update & more « Freedcamp Blog says

    […] – add your mind maps to projects with MindMup Atlas. […]

  2. Eric Booth says

    I cannot get it to work. You say “switch your editor to source mode” — which editor? I tried it under the discussions tab, pasted the source code, and it returned the error: AccessDeniedAccess DeniedD3D396631CD7CE15Q+KlyRV/p6Yt6gmjidpyYt7zQTfr9mk5oSaxRZ4JwAw6mH7ZQGPLp+3o9ggAisdXhVczX5c9DU8=

  3. Eric Booth says

    I think the issue is the “your_link” part — where do we get that? I pasted in what is in the URL for one of my tasks and it gives the same error. It looks like you have some sort of unique link like I’d use for an API, but I don’t see that anywhere

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Please email me – blog post not the best place to solve this :)