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Latest news from Freedcamp

Here are some fantastic updates to elevate your experience in managing your projects:


Integrated Tasks with Time Tracking application (learn more).

Released Duration picker on the Business plan. It was previously only the Enterprise plan feature.

Added an option to use projects as columns in the Tasks Board Kanban view.

The new Gantt view is slowly rolled in now. It supports bulk edit, custom ‘group by’ previously introduced in the list, Kanban, and table views. We also adding 18 attributes you can select from to customize your timeline/Gantt view and many more. Please follow our Youtube channel to check the upcoming walkthrough.


Launched Dashboards – custom reports to track progress and share results (lean more).

Project Overview

Project Overview application was added to the Business plan. It was previously only the Enterprise plan feature.


Integrated Time application with Tasks and Issue Tracker (learn more).

Released the Time Board.


The application was fully updated to take your productivity to new heights!

Significant performance improvements.

Added more actions to the history tab as well.

Trash Bin for files is coming soon! Hint – check Tasks bin here.

Mobile Apps

Added Discussions app support and custom statuses for tasks (learn more).

Released the Milestones application and Milestones global board, dark mode as well as improvements in the navigation (learn more).

Issue Tracker

Integrated Issue Tracker with Time Tracking application (learn more).

Released Issue Tracker global board.

Added XLS import.

Added the ability to move issues between projects.

Other Improvements

  • Added a short video explaining how to customize global boards.
  • Allowed to use only three characters in textual searches.
  • The Milestones app XLS export has now the second tab containing milestones only data and no tasks data.
  • Added project group in the top left corner for a selected project.
  • Added an event description for events in the Calendar application.
  • Added ‘Date Created’ in the Invoices application.
  • If you created a project it will be immediately added to your ‘recent’ projects.
  • You can now hide recently removed users from the manage System page.
  • Added a prompt when you delete a project group with projects on the Projects Board as it was missing.
  • Added support to enforce custom fields for new tasks when a project uses multiple field templates.
  • Working on Freedcamp admins recap email with a summary of users changes – new invites sent, joins, or departures.
  • Working on adding support to assign multiple users to a single task or subtask.