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📱 Mobile Application – New Updates

Here are the highlights of our new release.

In summary

🚀 New

  • Implemented dark mode.
  • Implemented new features and validations when adding a new event.
  • Added project Milestones application support.
  • Added the Milestones board support.
  • Added the possibility to swipe a project item.
  • Added the possibility to swipe a recent project item.
  • Added calendar, discussions applications to the first project after sign up.
  • Added an application icon and project name to the project application’s title.
  • Added an application icon to an application details title.
  • Updated Facebook sign-in.

We also completed a bunch of…

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with reset filters.
  • Fixed a bug with a clear cache after sign out.
  • Fixed a bug with a project list when creating a new item.
  • Fixed UNDO functionality.
  • Fixed quick add task if a project doesn’t have Tasks.
  • Fixed keyboard and save button in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed creating a new project group.
  • Fixed the bottom bar of the rich text editor.
  • Fixed adding subtasks.
  • Fixed opening a keyboard inside project tasks.
  • Fixed screen picker.
  • Fixed location picker.
  • Fixed adding tasks.
  • Fixed opening display settings.
  • Fixed sign-in, sign-up navigation.
  • Fixed adding a comment on the description details.
  • Fixed adding new items after sign-up.
  • Fixed copy project’s email.
  • Fixed creating tasks list, discussions list.
  • Fixed creating a new project.
  • Fixed deleting items.
  • Fixed the appearance of the list in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed a bug with reloading after adding subtask.
  • Fixed discussions reloading.
  • Fixed move/copy tasks for users on the free/paid plans.
  • Fixed notifications subscriptions – fixes push notifications.
  • Fixed Settings page default page selection and renamed Dashboard to the Homepage to match the web interface.

iOS instant update is shown after the update – why?

Our apologies to iOS users who see instant update pop-up immediately after the application update. Apple added a hard requirement forcing us to create a new Freedcamp account if a user tries to log in via a social network and the account does not exist in Freedcamp. We can not agree, as it leads to a bad user experience –  a user can end up in a brand new empty account when an incorrect social network was used. If you are an iOS user and you use one-click login on mobile please accept that instant update that enables it and otherwise please feel free to deny that prompt.