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New Notification for Undelivered Emails

It can be a hassle when emails are not being delivered to your team, customers, or contractors. Especially when you didn’t even know the email was not delivered.

From now on account owners will be proactively notified about email delivery issues.

Hard bounce typical reasons
– Recipient email address does not exist.
– A domain name does not exist.
– Recipient email server has completely blocked delivery – this includes cases when receiving email server has decided it is dealing with a spam and blocked our emails

Soft Bounce typical reasons – we will retry but expect delays in emails delivery
– Mailbox is full (over quota).
– Recipient email server is down or offline.
– An email message is too large – this should never, however, be the case with Freedcamp since we do not send attachments and cannot exceed size quota for this reason

– is a use case when email was delivered but a recipient marked it as a spam