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Purdue students use Freedcamp to build an electric race car!

The Purdue Electric Racing team is mainly comprised of business and engineering students. We build, design, test, and race an electric race car as part of the Formula SAE collegiate design competition. We build a new car every year, starting in August and finishing the car in late April. This design process is incredibly intense, so keeping our team organized is central to our success.

We decided to use Freedcamp for its powerful features, like subtasks and Gantt charts. The tool is extremely easy to use, allowing us to enter multiple tasks quickly. We have only used Freedcamp for a few months now, but we have entered over 200 tasks that would not have otherwise been well managed.

My favorite feature we just started using was the calendar feature. We host several events every year, and now we are able to put all of those events in one common calendar on Freedcamp. We also found it tough to relay all dates to all members, so members just started using the export calendar function. This allows them to see our events in their personal calendar, which is extremely useful for busy students like myself.

With such a fast-paced, high-stress environment, it is essential to be organized in order to be successful. We would like to thank Freedcamp for their amazing support and generosity, as none of this would have been possible without the sponsorship they have provided us with. Ever since they agreed to provide us with business licenses for a year, we have greatly improved our project management and use the product daily.

If you are interested in learning more about what our team does, our university wrote a great story on what we build and represent. You can check that out here. Purdue Electric Racing is always looking to create new business relationships that can benefit both the team and sponsor. For sponsorship inquiries, please contact for more information.

Ryan Schwartz
Business Lead, Electrical Member
Purdue Electric Racing