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2017 in Review


Year in Review

The most monumental year in Freedcamp’s history

Any business can call themselves a startup, as long as they meet a set list of criteria. For example to name a couple, how many employees do they have or are they making over $5k in profit? Until 2017, Freedcamp lacked only a couple check marks. We are excited that to have finally checked off every item. Thanks to an amazing team and a lot of hard work, we have surpassed the startup title! I’ll let the sections below explain.

Turning Point

The transformation from a start-up to a company is complete.

The Millionth User

Freedcamp has officially hit its stride and is attracting new users like wildfire.

Freedcamp's User Base
Tasks Created
New Users
Files Uploaded
Completed Tasks

Remote Team United

From inception Freedcamp’s team has always spanned the globe, with no more than a handful of employees in the same room at once. Over the summer we flew the team to our office in Europe. After 30 hours we hacked together new features like AJAX Load Task in Task List View, Annotations on images, Gamification, and Rich Calendar Events.


Besides a growing user base, we’ve added a number of new engineers and a designer to the team.

Meet Rosti

Engineer with no fear, ready to learn anything you throw his way. He’s been learning a number of new technologies and will be improving the Android app in the upcoming months

Meet Atanas

Designer extraordinaire, he can make anything look beautiful. You’d be amazed to know that he’s been an art director for the first part of his life. Remember the new Freedcamp design from the summer? That's all thanks to Atanas

Meet Denis

A rockstar who adds notches to his belt daily and will amaze you with his our new Project Management page. Denis can be found committing code at 3am, 1pm, or almost any time of the day.

Warp Speed Development

In only a year, we've released a flurry of amazing updates to the system such as:

  • Android App
  • Support for Languages
  • Social User Profiles
  • Email in
  • Brand New Design
  • Custom Fields
  • White Label

2018 = Mind Blown

In January we are releasing something we have internally named Version 3.2, and boy is it innovative!

  • New Home Page: When you log in to the system, you will see the most pertinent information in one place where you can quickly take action
  • New Notifications: Allows you to quickly grasp all that’s changed in seconds, an absolute masterpiece
  • New Way to Manage Projects: Currently the job of managing your projects is spread over 8 different pages with intense workflows to do simple actions. Inviting a few users to a number of projects can take 10 minutes. Our new Manage System page will handle all your needs from one single place in seconds
  • New Daily Email: Currently you receive an email with a list of everything that has taken place in the system, for a large project it’s impossible to get through this list. The new email will be succinct only showing you items related to you and items you need to take action on
  • New Task Page: We’ve designed the task view page from the ground up. When we added the ability to see a task right from inside of the task list earlier this year we used the same old design which was not optimized for the different viewing experience

After that remarkable list of changes in January, for the rest of the year there will be a lot more to come:

  • New iOS app
  • Major improvements to the Android app
  • Copying and Moving tasks
  • Recurring Tasks
  • API release and integrations with apps like Slack, Zapier, and more
  • Ability to create additional Task statuses
  • Brand new searching in projects and Global Search
  • Some very secretive special feature that will change history, shh

Teams from

These awesome companies signed up for Freedcamp

Students from

The top universities in the world started using Freedcamp

In Closing

What an amazing year, and we have you to thank for all the success. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for making our humble dreams a reality. You rock! We can’t wait to continue working hard at earning your loyalty.