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Freedcamp learns French, German, Croatian and Russian!

Announcing today, Freedcamp now supports 4 languages including French, German, Croatian and Russian.

We want to send out a big thank you to all our translators – we will be sending reward credits to all of those who participated regardless if language you helped to translate is launched or not.

Some things you may want to know:

– If a phrase is not yet translated, English translation will be used instead.
– Email notifications are not translated. We will make it available for translation very soon.
– There are some cases where we pushed a single English phrase for translation but depending on context they will have different translations in other languages. We’ll work on splitting these phrases.
– In some places page layout may be broken by long or short phrases in your language. Make a screenshot and send it to (add the language you use please).
– It’s possible that you get some errors and even some pages may not be working after enabling a particular translation. Errors are tracked by us. We will see them as you start using different locales and fix them asap. However, do not hesitate to report these directly to us.
– If you want to add missed translation or update the existing one, please check Freedcamp Translation Guidelines to enter.

Help us to complete %your_language% translation and …

– practice translating
– meet our development team
– learn the process of software translation
– help us shape the future of project management

We have rewards program for volunteers making Freedcamp available in other languages.
It is very simple:

– first 500 phrases you get $0.50 credit for each translation
– every phrase after 500 will get you $0.35 credit

We pull stats and add credits every 3 months.

You can use your credits for any paid plan.

Check Freedcamp Translation Guidelines to enter.

You can check the up to date translation status by clicking the picture below no sign up is required):

If you want to know more about it at later, more information is available in My Account section.