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Files Application Improvements

Files play an important role in our projects. Looking at our numbers you can see how many files are added monthly (not accumulative) in Freedcamp since the early days. This is tremendous growth!


We’ve added a few things to make working with files more convenient!

1. Now you can add files to your comments while editing


2. We also added Notifications section which was previously missing:


Now you can follow/unfollow on uploaded files easily.

3. Single email notifications to followers: when you upload multiple files including folders in Chrome.

A while ago we enabled folders with files upload in Chrome.

When you upload multiple files or folder with files (1) and select team members to notify (2):


Team members you selected will get a single email (3) with all the files showing under the folders they were uploaded to (4) and all files will have links (5) to open respective file page in Freedcamp.


Above email notification were sent from White Label Freedcamp account – you can see that its header includes custom site name. If you are interested to learn more – please follow this link.

4. We missed to include information about attached files into email notifications. You could only see images if they were added inline. Now this is fixed.