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Last update highlights

We’ve been busy coding this past month working on some much needed improvements:

– Added extra filters in Files application following previous big update, which includes sub-folders support and more. Now you can order files and folders by last modified person, last modified date, comments and version count in addition to ordering by name, size, application name, file type and location (uploaded to Freedcamp directly or Google Drive).

File Filters

– Now you can delete attached files in your tasks, discussions and comments without going to Files application.

Delete file

– You will see a link to convert tasks to subtasks and vice versa, if you use Advanced Subtasks extension. We are working on adding drag & drop to change subtasks order and ability to store collapse/expand state for subtasks individually for each user.

Convert to subtask

– Export to XLS from Tasks board – now contains milestones information (if you use Milestones application).

– When you upload folders with files or multiple files and select team members to notify – each person gets one email with all new files uploaded.

– We’ve began work on import tasks from XLS.

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Freedcamp Team