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Backup Your Data, Save With Yearly Storage, Create Group Admins

Backup Your Data

Cloud to Local Storage Backup Now Available

Sleep better at night by getting your Freedcamp data safely offline. We now let you export all the To-Do’s, Discussions, and other important data from the Cloud onto your own hard drive at a minimal cost. See the available options below.

Get 50% off your backups!

Yearly Storage

Get 50% off your backups!

Save money, save time, save the hassle.
Buy yearly storage and get a piece of mind.

Group Admins

You can finally give full Administrative privileges to members in your Groups. These Group Administrators can create new projects and install the paid applications you purchased.

Freedcamp Gets Better Everyday

We have all been working really hard to bring the features you have requested. Our next release will be a major improvement with a brand new design and some core workflow optimizations. In the meantime please go to our suggestions website and tell us what you want next!