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New Release Updates

We don’t get to post about all the wonderful updates we release as often as we’d like, everyone is busy writing code and trying to move the system forward. Today I just wanted to highlight some of the more interesting updates from our 30+ builds released without any announcements.

  • Ability to turn off the spell checker in wysiwyg
  • Fixed the date Daily Digest showed to match what you are seeing in the email
  • Added better validation to tell you why you can’t login (wrong pw or email)
  • Daily Digest avatars are now square and larger so it’s easier to quickly know who did the action
  • Todos now highlight where the todo will be dropped
  • Improvements to our notifications and new and improved mailing system that should ensure more emails are received even in case of your mail server being down temporarily
  • Dashboard Activity Widget now shows the exact time the item was updated/added
  • Todos now show who created the todo originally when viewed
  • Notifications across the application have been overhauled to bring much more information, and re-designed in cases to make more sense exactly what you are looking at (project etc)
  • Help Instructions across the board we’ve improved the language and the detail of places where our users seemed to have a hard time understanding a concept, so the system is even more friendly
  • and many more little improvements and fixes

Also just an update on the highly anticipated Version 3 that we are also hard at work on (while still maintaining and improving the current Version 2). We have made some tremendous progress and have had a great deal of breakthroughs. Something to highlight is that Version 3 is being built as an API first system, which means we are developing a developer API first which we then use to build the actual new interface. What this means is that on launch of Version 3 we will also be able to release a full API so that third-party developers can build mobile applications and a plethora of awesome browser plugins and extensions to make the entire experience better.

Besides the new backend structure we are redesigning the front-end to use the years of experience and thousands of great suggestions from you (our phenomenal users) to design a much simpler and streamlined interface. The new design was built by two world class designers and is still evolving. The actual UI will be built on top of the latest and greatest standards in web development including using the Built by Google Angular JS. This means the application will be a one page web app resulting in an extremely fast and responsive experience.

More details will be released as we get closer to an official launch, which currently has no set date but will be early 2014. Thank you, loyal users, for making this possible! We are rapidly growing and able to validate all the hard work we put into the project. We recently hit 210,000+ users milestone and the graph of signups is growing exponentially.