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Subtasks – few weeks from launch

Hundreds of teams asked for Subtasks. We listened. We are in final stages of testing and will release them shortly. You will be able to add, edit, and delete subtasks in Freedcamp. See how subtasks will look like in List and Kanban views below.

Subtasks in List view


Subtasks in Kanban view


Subtasks unlock a lot of possibilities to work the way you want – structure your big tasks and keep small tasks together.

More advanced version with ability to assign people, due dates and priorities, add descriptions and comments as well as to have unlimited hierarchy is also in the works to be released in a few months time. Stay tuned!

Update Dec 23 2015: Check this post to see how to add subtasks in Freedcamp.

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  1. Alex Brown says

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. dhm says

    Wonderful! If you need a beta tester, count me in!

  3. Chriistopher says

    Awesome. Keep up the fantastic work gentlemen.

  4. MisterR says

    Yes! That would be very cool!

  5. ally says

    What is the difference between milestones and subtasks?

    And will you be able to drag and drop sub-tasks? I hope they will be accessible to create when adding a normal to-do.

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Ally,

      Basic version of subtasks is more like a check-list. No drag and drop in this release but we will allow to change subtasks order with drag and drop (within a task).
      This basic version is obviously different from Milestones because subtasks can have only two statuses (no progress and completed), can not have priority, due date or be assigned.

      We will be launching paid version of subtasks in a few months – it will allow to create multiple levels of hierarchy – sub-sub-tasks etc., assign people to subtasks, have comments, due dates. In this version subtasks have all the attributes of a task.

      How this version is different from Milestones? First of all Milestones is an application not all users use. Some people don’t use Milestones. For others Tasks allow to group tasks by a team – design, development, copy-writes and use subtasks to divide bigger tasks into smaller chunks while Milestones allow to bring tasks from different teams to deliverable separately parts of work assigned to a project manager, for example.

      Task Group – Design
      Task – Home page
      – (subtask 1) create wireframe
      – (subtask 2) incorporate clients feedback
      – (subtask 3) complete design

      Task Group – Development
      Task – Set Servers
      – (subtask 1) Select hosting company
      – (subtask 2) Create servers
      – (subtask 3) Install databases and applications
      – (subtask 4) Create accounts for team/clients
      Task – Home page
      Task – Login/logout page
      Task – Reset password page
      Task – Social networks login page

      Milestone – Stage 1, assigned to Bruce, due date is 15 Dec 2015, priority is High
      Task – Set Servers
      Task – Home page

      Milestone – Stage 2, assigned to Bill, due date is 15 Jan 2016, priority is High
      Task – Home page
      Task – Login/logout page
      Task – Reset password page
      Task – Social networks login page

      We give you options to make it work your way.

  6. Steven Kastell says

    The ability to assign people and due dates to subtasks would put this product over the top..

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Steven,

      – assign people
      – ‘in progress’ status in addition to existing ‘not started’ and ‘completed’
      – priority – low, medium and hign
      – description and comments (with file attachments to subtasks)
      – ability to convert tasks to subtasks and subtasks to tasks

      will be released later this year as a part of Premium package which is just $3/month or $30/year unlimited users and projects + 3GB storage (200MB is free plan) + GDrive integration + Project Templates

      Subtasks with all of the above with unlimited nesting will be part of new PRO paid plans only where you pay $ per active user per month which we also plan to release in 2015.

      The only way for us to to have resources to keep improving free parts of Freedcamp is to sell advanced functionality for a very affordable price to those who need some extras & loves Freedcamp (Premium plan) and have scalable pricing for business (PRO plans).

      If you look
      – Trello – Free + Gold + Business
      – DropbBox – Free + Premium + Business
      – Evernote – Free(now called Basic) + Plus + Premium + Business

      Hope this does make sense. Our promise remains unchanged – we will never make free parts paid. The only possible scenario – paid features can be made free by us.


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  8. Peter Paul Mendel says

    My app and laptop Mac versions have not updated. Why?

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Peter,

      We do not have desktop applications – all runs in a browser and does not require an update. Please email me and explain what is not working with a bit more details?


  9. Ray says

    Love this, love that it happened on schedule, and loving the improvements ahead. Your team is rocking this.

  10. Peter Paul Mendel says

    When will it be available?

  11. Igor Kryltsov says

    @Peter – in December 2015.

  12. Orin Safko says

    Awesome feature. Thanks for continuing to develop Freedcamp. Just started using it today and everything just works exactly the way I need it to. Have tried Trello (terrible clunky illogical UI in my opinion), Basecamp (love it but the cost to entry keeps me from using it for personal projects), many task managers (Wunderlist being the most recent), and Freedcamp is by far the best I have tried.

    Thanks for a great product!

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Thank you Orin.

      More exciting updates are coming soon. iPhone app, new Premium plan (analog of DropBox Premium, Evernote Plus or Trello Gold) for just 3$ or 30$ yearly with 3GB storage, GDrive integration, Project Templates and advanced Subtasks in 2015. Recurrent tasks, ability to assign tasks to more than one person, more UI’s to track projects progress, perfect Tasks and Time integration, start dates for tasks with task dependencies and Gantt chart for pros in 2016.

  13. david says

    Has this been released yet? If so I’m not seeing how to create subtasks..

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi David,

      I have created this post to explain – check it out please.


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