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Freedcamp Mobile Teaser Video.

Here is a quick teaser video of our mobile application.


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  1. Jan says


  2. Borys Maik says

    I’m waiting for this! Will be also for android?

    • lt4ylor says

      Yes, Android app will be coming soon!

      • Brady says

        I will be forever grateful once the Android app drops. There aren’t very many options for a well-working project management app for Android. iOS users have all the fun.

        • agrublev says

          you can visit right now :) on your android!

  3. Katie Walker says

    When can we expect to see this in the App Store? I’m really looking forward to it. By the way, I love the comment form, it’s amazing!

    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Katie,

      Beta should be released by next week. App Store approval all depends, but should hopefully take no longer than 2-3 weeks.


      • Katie says


      • Mark says

        Any update on the android app? Cannot find it in the Play Store…

        • agrublev says

          Navigate to

  4. sanshiro says


    • lt4ylor says

      Very sooooooon! :)

      • sanshiro says

        hurry up!! 😀 we use freedcamp on a radio station here in mexico

  5. Ievgen says

    What about iPad version ?
    And wnen are you goint to publish API for 3rd party developers to let them make more applications for more platforms for this great service ?

    • lt4ylor says

      iPad version will be launched after iPhone/Droid app – rough estimate is early February.

      API is still being worked on, but we should have more info soon!

  6. Saganomics says

    Sweet! I am so excited. Freedcamp, you rock. This is really helping me and my coworkers. I don’t know how you monetize it, but I hope you are getting rich.

    • lt4ylor says

      Glad you’re liking it, and thanks for the awesome support!

  7. Logan says

    Any update on when this will be available?

  8. Adam Sherwood says

    I am very excited for this. Is there a version out yet? It isn’t in the market. Maybe we can download the .apk and help you test it? Looking forward to it.

    • lt4ylor says

      We’ve hit some roadblocks with the mobile app, but it should be available very soon.


      • Sam Peterson says

        Is there any where I could try out you beta version app when it is released? Really excited about the release of a mobile app for freedcamp.

  9. Jono says

    Any update? This is the only thing stopping us moving over from Basecamp.

  10. Ander Suárez says


    I really love the mobile web-app! Do you hace plans to launch the app in the stores (Apple and Android Market/Google Play)?

  11. M4v3R says

    Any updates on this?

  12. Joao says

    Any date? :)

  13. Stephen Kiers says

    Any updates? Is it live yet?

  14. agrublev says

    You can use it at

    • Velten says

      It’s not really ususable from I could not log in from Android Internet Browser. Some fields could not be changed. Switched to now

  15. Simone Brandi says

    Please in mobile version integrate the icon home screen when i save my bookmark.

  16. Matt says

    Will there actually be an iphone application? Not just the mobile website?

    • agrublev says

      We simply can’t afford to build a native application ourselves, we are working on a completely new mobile website version. Also we have a lot of people interested in building a mobile application with our API which will be released by Christmas.

      • Marv says

        Great news! A year late, but better late than never ;D

        Keep up the good work. With Basecamp dropping its free package, now is the perfect time to push Freedcamp as much as you can. There are however some new competitors on the scene, which already have an iPhone app out there with 5 star ratings. So getting this app out before 2013 would keep the home fires burning around the Freedcamp.

        Can’t wait for the app. All the best. My fingers are crossed for you guys. We all love Freedcamp!

        • agrublev says

          Hey Marv have you tried We’ve had mobile for almost a year :) we are currently working on a new and improved version.

  17. José Lopes says

    Looking forward to start using this app!

  18. Khaled Hassan says

    Are you still working on this?

  19. Tim says

    Looking in to this, it looks great! You mentioned before not building a mobile app. Is that still the case or might one be in development?

  20. Simon says

    How about using to easily build native apps?

    • agrublev says

      Define “easily”. We did built with phonegap and wanted to implement it as native app… but it really isn’t as easy as we hoped. Anyways, v3 is around the corner and there is good hope with the API developers will build native apps.

  21. Alex says

    Guys, the service is very good. But it is mobile world now!
    So you are really loosing people and money by delaying your native app for so long.

    • agrublev says

      Trust me we know :) we’re doing everything we humanly can to ensure it can be developed asap.

  22. Trent says

    Not sure if there’s something I’m doing wrong but I’ve been trying to use freedcamp on my iOS devices and they won’t work…after logging in to the normal site it brings up a modal asking if I want to use the mobile site, but the “no thanks” link does nothing so I can’t use the normal site, and if I go to the mobile version it asks me to login again then redirects to a URL which is then a dead end with no content?

    • agrublev says

      Are you using private mode in iOS? If so you will need to turn private mode off to use normal site on mobile.

  23. Esteban says

    I was looking forward to this app as an alternative to basecamp, but no native-mobile-app kills my hype. It will be great if you release this soon, or at least on some point on 2014.. Don’t get me wrong, web-mobile responsive versión is great, but if I can’t get quick access with an native-app I have to switch back to Basecamp… sorry

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Esteban,

      Totally understand. I am sure you will enjoy using Basecamp.

  24. Vic says

    I’m using but it’s not as flexible. Is there a way I can filter and sort my tasks at least?

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Vic,

      We are launching iOS app soon and will try to bring Android in 2016 too.