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📩 Outlook add-in – released!

Increase productivity and save time with the Freedcamp add-in for Outlook. Do not lose action items in your inbox by creating tasks, events, issues, and discussions directly in Outlook. Easily add emails as comments from Outlook to your tasks, events, issues,

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Public API and Zapier integrations

See API Documentation here! We’ve launched beta versions of public API and Zapier integration. Start building your Zaps and give us your feedback and new Zap ideas! For documentation about the API please use the ‘Help‘ link in your settings page

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Integrating with Slack – Workaround


Each user will need to create a slack email integration. The slack integration will post in the Slackbot channel as a ‘Freedcamp’ bot. “Slackbot” is a special channel for bots. It is not shared between users. Each user has a Slackbot

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