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Latest news from Freedcamp

We have compiled a summary of last year’s updates that will help you manage your projects more effectively:


Chat is now available in the Freedcamp browser app.

The Android and iOS native Chat apps have been launched.

Freedcamp’s browser app now supports conference calls.

The Gantt

Group by not only task lists, but also assignees, statuses, priorities, custom fields, and more.

With a single click, you can select from more than 10 fields to display, including custom fields.

With micro-interactions, these displayed fields can be updated instantly.

Undo/Redo cover a wider range of actions.

When switching between Auto and Relative scheduling, the browsing position and zoom level are not lost.

With drag-and-drop, reorder not only tasks and subtasks​, but also task lists.

As tasks are completed, task lists update summaries for progress status.

The Slack time feature has been added.

The Milestones application includes a Gantt view.

See a complete up-to-date Gantt walkthrough in this short video.


Support for multiple assignees.

Custom Fields for Tasks now include the currency type.

XLS export supports the percent of completion column.

Build custom reports from archived projects using the Data Feed Links.

Time Tracking

Improved filtering and added options for the “previous month” and the “today”.

Improved handling when moving or copying tasks or projects with tasks and issues with time entries.


Milestones app has been enhanced with the Gantt view.

The ability to enforce adding an update by anyone who changes the milestone’s deadline.

A milestone’s ‘Date Completed’ is now displayed.

Mobile Apps

ssue Tracker app support and global board are launched. Filters have been added to global and project notifications – learn more.

Time Tracking app support and a global board for Time Tracking have been launched. The Tasks and Issue Tracker now support time entries – learn more.

Deep/universal links on the Freedcamp app allow you to open items in the app instead of the browser, for example, when you receive email notifications. A new custom field type – currency – has been added.

Added quick actions on iOS and shortcuts on Android to make interacting with the apps faster.

The user interface language can now be switched both in the browser and in the mobile app. We have also done our best to support right-to-left languages such as Hebrew or Arabic.


Password sharing is now easier with our updated feature.

Searching & Filtering

Drag-and-drop is now available to reorder saved filters.

Slack integration

After three months in beta, we have finally been approved by Slack for listing as a Slack app.

Managing Freedcamp

The project creator can save the default applications that will be applied to all new projects.

The export of all users for account owners now includes the highest permission level for each user.

Users can now be removed from global teams but kept in projects with the same permissions.


A filter and bulk action have been added to make it easier to manage who is notified of what.


Contacts can now be searched by country.

Project Overview

Our Project Overview light version is now available in the Business Plan.


Added search operator list: lets you search text in specific lists.

Other Important Updates

In addition to the Tasks Bin, trash bins for ProjectsFiles, and Invoices have been added.

We have beta tested and released a new navigation sidebar that allows more vertical space for your projects, including your favorite chats.

The option to display the last day of the month has been added in recurrent tasks and events.

We now create the next recurrent task after the previous one has been completed, so you can see it right away.

Many speed and design improvements were made where decisions were made by us, but rolled slowly while we checked and acted on your feedback.

Our company is largely staffed by Ukrainian nationals, and the actions taken by Russia deeply affect us.