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The Gantt view – overview & updates

We released a major Gantt update and created a video highlighting them. We also walk you through all the Gantt functions at the same time in under 10 minutes’ time.

Some of the new updates:

  • group by not only task lists but by assignees, statuses, and more
  • select from more than 10 fields to display including custom fields and apply your selections to all projects with a single click
  • update these fields instantly with micro-interactions
  • Undo/Redo cover more actions
  • Switching between auto and Relative scheduling does not lose browsing position and zoom level.
  • open task and subtasks in a drawer without leaving the Gantt view
  • reorder not only tasks and subtasks but also task lists with drag & drop
  • task lists automatically display their progress status as tasks get completed.

Please give it a try and give us your feedback!