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Spotlight: VocBench now integrates with Freedcamp

VocBench 3 is a web-based, multilingual, collaborative development platform for managing OWL ontologies, SKOS(/XL) thesauri, Ontolex-lemon lexicons and generic RDF datasets.

Designed to meet the needs of Semantic Web and Linked Data environments, VocBench development has also been driven by the feedback gathered from a community of users made of public organizations, companies and independent users looking for open source solutions for maintaining their data.

Funded by the European Commission ISA² programme, the VocBench 3 project is managed by the Publications Office of the EU under contract 10632 (Infeurope S.A.) and its implementation has been led by the ART Research Group of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

One of the features of VocBench is the possibility to connect to different collaboration systems and, with the release 9.0 of VocBench 3, thanks to a collaboration with the Freedcamp team, VocBench and Freedcamp now talk to each other! By modelling links to RDF URIs as tags within Freedcamp, it is possible to create issues in Freedcamp and associate them to RDF resources with just a few clicks without even leaving VocBench! 


At the same time, users inspecting RDF resources may be informed of the presence of issues on the resources they are browsing or be notified of new issues about resources (or classes of resources) they asked to “watch”.

VocBench is an open-source and free-to-use platform so, if you are an organization in need of modeling information using modern web standards for Open Data and Knowledge Organization in a collaborative, multi-user, environment, VocBench & Freedcamp can be your way to go!