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Project Overview App – Project Managers, Project Start and End Dates, Reports

A new version of the Project Overview application is now available on Freedcamp’s Enterprise plan.

We added the ability to add:

(1) – project managers. A new concept we will use more in the future. Project managers will get all the important project updates to stay on top of project deadlines.
(2) – project start and end dates. When you set them we show you the earliest and latest deadlines already set in the project as well as project duration in the calendar and workdays.
(3) – a new tab ‘Report’ which is pulled from Freedcamp reports

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Currently, we are in the final stages of testing of another addition to this application – project status. Project status will look pretty much as comments added to a project with descending sorting, we will show only the last one with tags added to it acting as project status. We will show project status when launched on the Projects Board.