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Migrating from Producteev to Freedcamp

Our competitor Producteev is shutting down soon. So if you’ve found yourself in a tough spot we’re here to help!

Freedcamp is a great alternative to Producteev, with more advanced features and the same price tag, $0.

Migrating your tasks

Go to Producteev’s settings page by clicking here

Then select the Export tab

And click Start export



This will download a spreadsheet file. Inside the spreadsheet, for each Network create a Project inside of Freedcamp.

Go through each Project in Freedcamp and do the following steps:

  1. Create a single task (that we will use as a template) and Export as XLS from the Cog dropdown
  2. Open the file in excel
  3. Duplicate the task the same number of times as the tasks you have in your Producteev network
    1. To duplicate you can select the entire row (by clicking on its number on the left)
    2. Then drag the little black square on the bottom left down to create the number of tasks needed
  4. Now copy all the task titles from Producteev and replace the duplicated titles inside of Freedcamp’s spreadsheet
  5. Do the same for Notes inside of Producteev which is equivalent to the Description column inside Freedcamp’s spreadsheet
  6. Now go back to the Project you have open in Freedcamp and click the cog icon again, this time to Import the XLS
  7. After you finish the upload all your tasks should appear!
  8. Repeat this step for all Projects/Networks