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🔥 New Update: Improved Tasks Release

In our latest release we’ve made some major improvements to the Tasks application. Here is a recap of what’s changed:

  • Task Groups are now Lists:¬†With Project Groups and Task Groups, the concept of Groups became too confusing for a lot of users, to simplify the way you organize your Tasks now we call them Task¬†Lists
  • Manage Task Lists quickly:¬†Besides changing the name,¬†we also improved how you manage your lists. Until today you had to find your way to the Task List management popup to¬†add, edit, and order Lists. Now you can quickly add new lists, edit existing lists, and archive from the main Task page
  • Instant Task View:¬†It was¬†inconvenient to load a new page every time you wanted to check on a task, now you will see tasks load inside the List/Kanban/Gantt page on the right side of your screen
  • Quick add a Kanban Task:¬†Inside our list view you can¬†quickly add a number of tasks without opening a popup each time, and now the¬†Kanban view also supports this and will surely increase your productivity

Overall we believe you will have a much more streamlined experience using¬†the Tasks application! We can’t wait to hear your feedback.