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Planning a project for success

campingblogWe all plan projects on a daily basis.  But whether these projects be for work or play, each type of project faces the same big problem:  it is too easy for us to go off course and, consequently, not accomplish the goal we set for ourselves.  I have comprised a set of helpful tips that I have collected through books and mentor advice, and I hope you find them as useful as I have.

The goal is to simplify the project and make each task achievable. So let’s begin!  Here’s what to do accompanied with examples.

1. Write ONE sentence for what you want accomplished.  Short and concise.  This will be your mission statement.

A camping trip in a green mountain area with a creek near by and good hiking.

2. Next, outline the tasks that need to be accomplished within the next 3 months.  Again, simplicity is key, so try to keep each task confined to one short sentence.

    – Find the ideal location to host the camping trip.
    – Organize the group of people to all contribute with something.
    – Finalize all transportation and logistics.

3. Time to start digging a bit deeper into this project- what do you need to have done within this next month in order to reach the 3 month goal?

    – Make reservations for the location
    – Invite guests
    – Create a document listing what the guests need to bring (encouraging others to task-manage. Waahoo!)
    – Set rental car reservations for use on the trip.

4. Next, in a  bit more detail, list steps that need to be accomplished this week to get closer to the goals of Step 3.

    – Look for camping location
    – Reserve camp ground
    – List of people you plan to invite.
    – Look up prices for vehicle rentals, find cheapest option.

5. What do you need to do TODAY to get achieve the weekly goals?

    – Call guests.
    – Call 1-800-CAMP-GROUND to inquire about availability.

Then make sure that you use a project management system and write down all your ToDo’s and share them with all your team. This will save you lots of time and confusion.

Save yourself the overwhelming sensation of not knowing what to do next. You can take full control of your projects with this simple and intuitive technique.