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Release Updates January 2014

As we wrapped up a great year at Freedcamp, we are giving you some excellent new features to ring in the New Year! We hope you enjoy, and happy 2014!

Highlighted Feature: Invoices+ can now be branded with a custom logo!

  • Emails sent via Invoices+ do not contain Freedcamp branding any more
  • Emails from Invoices+ are sent from your company and can be responded via that address
  • To-Do’s can be sorted by ‘created date’
  • To-Do’s and Discussions now show ‘Group’ name when viewing an item
  • Comments now contain a ‘Reply’ link that auto-populates with previous quote
  • Pending invites are now visible within Freedcamp (previously just email)
  • Notifications are available when you edit comments (previously only on create)
  • Password Manager offers the ability to create and organize ith groups – for better password management within teams
  • Wiki offers notifications when adding or editing an article
  • Bug Tracker now uses ‘Issues’ in the embedded module – a more flexible approach for reporting things other than bugs
  • Added a ‘Scroll To First/Last Comment’ buttons – useful for long, text heavy discussions
  • Username can be used to log in to Freedcamp (previously only allowed email)

We hope you enjoy the many additions to kick-off 2014. If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.