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To-Do’s – growing up

Recently we have added some small improvements to the To-Do’s application that have a huge impact on how you can use them to run your projects. Here are a couple:

  • You can now attach a file directly to a To-Do item
  • You can edit a To-Do inside the View To-Do page
  • Navigating back to To-Do’s main page from within the View page will highlight the To-Do you were looking at
  • To-Do widget has gotten tons of improvements like seeing only tasks Assigned to you in all your projects rather than having to select each project manually and choose your name

These enhancements have improved some workflows that may have previously slowed you down or frustrated you.

We acknowledge there are more things To-Do’s will need as an application, integrating with other applications like Time and Milestones. We actually have built these integrations but cannot release them as they have been hard coded in a way that goes against how Version 3 will allow you to link applications via “plugins”. With plugins you will be able to choose whether you actually want to integrate your Time tasks with your To-Do tasks and vice versa. We simply do not believe in forcing any one type of methodology of doing things, and since the beginning our goal is to create an open platform that allows the users to work they feel comfortable.

Enjoy the changes in the To-Do’s application and all the other small improvements we add daily to enhance the way you use Freedcamp.