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Freedcamp 2012

Dear Freedcamp Users,

First I want to take a second and mention we finalized a partnership/sponsorship with RackSpace which will help us tremendously to continue our efforts in supplying the best free project management application to you all. Thank you RackSpace for this amazing opportunity.

Secondly I would like to apologize for any delay in launching certain promised features (mobile, invoices+), we have had some unforeseen events, but rest assure that this is all going to change very shortly after the new year and we will be back in full speed and better than ever!

Now I would like to recap what has happened in this past year. We launched Freedcamp on January 31st 2011, it was a simple dream, bring project management to everyone everywhere… for the ultimate price of $0. We had achieved that from day 1, what we really had envisioned though was just about to start taking shape amongst a team of passionate and dedicated people.

First we needed a way to support ourselves and the expensive servers we were running, so we wen out and found an amazing person who was interested in investing his hard earned money to help us achieve our grand dream. Once we secured our funding we began almost instantly the building of Version 2, the ultimate collaboration platform. A customizable experience which will soon house a plethora of applications making Freedcamp the irreplaceable office tool whether you are managing your To-Dos or sending out Invoices.

With the launch of Version 2 we had a very basic marketplace hidden behind development walls, wasn’t long before we launched the beta. As of today we have over 10,000 installations of our applications. That’s huge! We couldn’t be more proud.

So now that we covered the past here is to the future, a toast if you will. In this upcoming year we will be focusing on extending the interaction between our applications, allow more customization while keeping the interface and functionality just as easy if not easier. Overhaul all the processes that you do everyday to make them even easier. Focus on only a select few more applications to release in the marketplace. Most importantly release our SDK so that anyone can create applications in the Marketplace.

Thank you all, our dear users, for all your support. We couldn’t of done this, or gotten this far without you.

Yours truly,
Angel Grablev
Freedcamp CEO