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Version 2.0: A Milestone In Project Management.

After countless hours in the office, and an unmeasurable amount of coffee, Freedcamp has climbed yet another step in online project management. Today, we unveil our newest creation of the free application that you have come to love. We would like to thank you, each and every user, as we could not have done this alone. You have pushed us to create a product that we are exceptionally proud of, and without your support this would not be possible.

Now that Version 2.0 is official, what’s in store for the future? Lots, lots more. We will continue to fully support and improve Freedcamp each and every day. We believe project management is an ever-growing field and can only be improved.


  • Private Messages
  • Social Integration
  • Instant Updates – Application Wide

Progress happens one step at a time. So, to each and every user out there, including those we have yet to reach, please continue your support and help spread the word that free project management is here!