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Finally, A Free Project Management Solution.

Enavu launches its fresh web application “Freedcamp” tomorrow – a free project management solution aimed for small businesses, start-ups, students, and fans of collaboration.

With Freedcamp, project management has become social and centralized. In the past, project management and collaboration was a daunting task, mainly due to lack of centralized system to handle multiple projects at once. Freedcamp aims to provide a centralized system with intuitive and innovative features that spark creative ideas. Now, the ability to streamline task management, time management, and social integration helps businesses to create efficiency and productivity. And it’s completely free!

Featured highlights of Freedcamp include:

  • Individual and group task assignment, allowing team members to assign tasks based on priority and due date. (To-dos)
  • Forum like discussion groups, providing threaded entries.
  • Ability to set deadlines and keep your projects on track. (Milestones)
  • Invoice creation and live time tracking.
  • Application wide file sharing online storage management.

Other project management solutions aim for the masses, often bloated and very costly. Freedcamp aims for simplicity – a place where people can connect, share, and create in an intuitive manner. The first, free web application where people from all walks of life can join in and discover new ideas.

Freedcamp offers features that are very unique which include:

  • The ability to house an unlimited number of projects and users.
  • Innovative task management via Freedcamp To-do’s.
  • Migration tools, making it easy to import information from existing project management solutions.*
  • A completely free solution, for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Meebo chat bar offering Gtalk, Live Messenger, AIM, and more. Never have a separate IM client again!

Freedcamp is currently in the final testing stages and will be released on January 31st. Please visit to see an early preview of the application!

*Currently supports Basecamp (37 Signals)