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Never lose your changes with Auto-Save

We added an Auto-Save feature! Like Gmail, this saves a draft as you type and allows you to reload and continue later on. Check out the GIF below to see how it works.


Auto-save is great if you forgot to save your message or closed browser by accident or your computer was powered off. If your content was saved bu Auto_save and you explicitly clicked ‘Cancel’ it will not be offered to load when you will visit return back to your action.

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  1. ‘Isabella’ release is here « Freedcamp Blog says

    […] [AUTO-SAVE] Next step will prevent your Freedcamp updates from being lost because you forgot to save– or your cat decides to use your keyboard while you’re on the phone (see how it works). […]

  2. Dinesh Chandra says

    the autosave version screwed me up. It prompted me for a recovery of autosave on the comment and saved the comment as the edit. I lost my activities tracking. i am absolutely not happy with this. i lost months worth of my planning work

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Dinesh,

      When prompted to load auto-saved content – please also scroll down and check if you actually want to auto-load. It can not be 100% accurate.
      Please email exact scenario as it is not clear for me how auto-save could ruin activity tracking for a month tom me.