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Release Updates January 2014

As we wrapped up a great year at Freedcamp, we are giving you some excellent new features to ring in the New Year! We hope you enjoy, and happy 2014!

Highlighted Feature: Invoices+ can now be branded with a custom logo!

  • Emails sent via Invoices+ do not contain Freedcamp branding any more
  • Emails from Invoices+ are sent from your company and can be responded via that address
  • To-Do’s can be sorted by ‘created date’
  • To-Do’s and Discussions now show ‘Group’ name when viewing an item
  • Comments now contain a ‘Reply’ link that auto-populates with previous quote
  • Pending invites are now visible within Freedcamp (previously just email)
  • Notifications are available when you edit comments (previously only on create)
  • Password Manager offers the ability to create and organize ith groups – for better password management within teams
  • Wiki offers notifications when adding or editing an article
  • Bug Tracker now uses ‘Issues’ in the embedded module – a more flexible approach for reporting things other than bugs
  • Added a ‘Scroll To First/Last Comment’ buttons – useful for long, text heavy discussions
  • Username can be used to log in to Freedcamp (previously only allowed email)

We hope you enjoy the many additions to kick-off 2014. If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.

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  1. Hannu Hurme says

    I could really use a way to bind Time tasks into milestones, todos and so on. It would also be very usefull if Time tasks would automatically add date so I know which day I spend that 6 hours workin on this or that. Now I have to manually write the date as part of the Time tasks name.

    • agrublev says

      This is very much on top of our list and I can guarantee you it will be implemented. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is important for us to hear what people want so we can make better decisions on what to implement first.

      • Hannu Hurme says

        Thanks, it’s good to know you’re working on that.

        It would be great if Time tasks would also mark the starting time automatically. Couple of times I’ve forgotten to click the “stop working” and the end result was I logged some extra 10 hours of work while I slept. 😉

        Having that time stamp would make it easier to remember when I started working and when I stopped working, even if I forgot to stop recording the time.