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Release Updates 11.18

In an effort to keep you well informed, we will begin releasing monthly updates on the improvements that go on within Freedcamp. This month we have a few bug fixes along with the addition of a much requested feature. Check them out below.

Highlighted Feature: To-dos can now be sorted by due date

  • Added ‘subscriptions’ link to the top blue bar, easily manage your app subscriptions
  • Uploaded files now contain an ‘added date’
  • To-Do’s always display ‘created by’ in comments page
  • Added non-US date format to calendar app
  • Avatars now support BMP file uploads
  • Project Owner can now delete comments posted by others
  • An event can now be opened via calendar app from email notifications

We hope you enjoy the additions. If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.

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  1. MN says

    Is there any plan to make it so Projects can be moved from one Group to another? (Or is this already possible?)

    • Stanislav Ognyanov says

      It’s possible. In “Manage projects” page click edit project and you can change the project group.

  2. MN says

    Do you have to be the group owner to do this? It seems like I can’t do this if I’m only a group admin.

    • Lofton Taylor says

      Correct. You can only move projects between groups you own.

      • MN says

        Is it possible to transfer group ownership from one person to another?

        • JS says

          Any word on this? transferring group ownership would be very valuable, especially if someone leaves an organization.

          • Igor Kryltsov says

            Please email us and we will move projects to another person for you.

  3. Andrew says

    Hi, can you tell me how can I change the calendar settings so week begins on Monday, please?

    • agrublev says

      We don’t currently support this but will be looking into better internationalization in the future.

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Andrew,

      Just wanted to post here that this is coming in next release (already completed) in 4-6 weeks with many other improvements.