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While Freedcamp isn’t just another Project Management solution, we like to take the time to acknowledge great companies within the industry.

With a recent acquisition from SalesForce, announces the discontinuation of their service on January 31st, 2014. For those unfamiliar, Do is a productivity platform with social and file sharing integration, and shares many of the same great features as Freedcamp.

If you’re a current Do user trying to find an alternative, Freedcamp might be right up your alley. Here are just a few similarities both platforms share:

  • Task Lists: Create a task, assign it, and get stuff done.
  • Projects: Create an unlimited number of projects to organize your tasks, milestones, and files.
  • Groups: Create a group, add friends, and being collaborating.
  • Reminders: Stay up to date with optional email and SMS alerts.
  • File Uploads: Upload and attach files to share and discuss.
  • Discussions / Conversations: Share ideas in a group setting.
  • Calendar: Set tasks, due dates, and priorities on a visual calendar.

While saying goodbye to a great service isn’t easy, the folks over at Do have announced an export tool in the works so users can easily move their data.

As we are familiar with Do, it is with much regret to see them go. To all the users at Do looking for a great alternative, Freedcamp welcomes you!

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  1. Sheldon Nesdale says

    The features you have in common are one thing, but what would be 1 major difference that Freecamp offers over DO?

    • ltaylor says

      Hi Sheldon,

      I appreciate your inquiry. One of the biggest differences is the Freedcamp Marketplace, which offers additional functionality (apps) aside from the traditional PM tools. If you’d like more in-depth info I can shoot you an email, just let me know!

    • agrublev says

      And also I believe a difference that makes us an even better alternative than the list from is that our system provides users with a completely free experience. Rather than costing users $100/month to use the alternatives.

  2. BizAppsBuzz says


    Do you have a tool which can import the’s data file? We are collating a list of major project management apps offering such an easy-to-migrate facility. Would like to have Freedcamp listed in that blog post..


    • Lofton Taylor says

      We do not offer an import tool but still welcome existing users to give us a go. Even without a migration tool, Do users should feel right at home in ease of use and comparative features.