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Calendar Widget is Here

Calendar WidgetJust pushed an upgrade that fixes a few little bugs and adds a few small features.

First the Calendar widget is here!!! If you love looking at a monthly overview of your projects and want to see what’s coming up… this is the right widget for you.


Also if you are a Bug Tracker user we added a Widget that allows you to see an overview of your projects and the open request tickets you have.


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  1. Wim Wouters says

    Just started using Freedcamp today and I’m already a big fan!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Demis says

    Would be cool to see the project in which the todo’s are contained on the calendar widget :)

    • Ed Nailor says

      Having the ability to see which project the calendar item belongs to, who it is assigned to, as well as a link to that item would be huge. As it is now, if you are managing more than one project, this calendar widget gets really confusing.

      I would also love a full sized calendar that shows me all items for all projects, similar to what Basecamp used to offer. That was a very handy tool and I think would be a great addition to this already great product.


      • agrublev says

        That’s a great suggestion and we have it as a planned feature. Please also feel free to add these suggestions to our website where others can vote on your ideas as well.

  3. Filipino Web Designer says

    Wow, I’m new here.. I want to explore more and if this good.. I will suggest this site to my friends/clielnts..

  4. says

    I cannot figure out why the TO DO items are “disapearing” from the TO DO list and ending up in the calender…dont want to do that!!

    • says

      Thanks – it was the filters!