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September Updates

We haven’t been updating our Blog as often as we’d like. Our hands have been tied up with support tickets and improving the system. So here is a quick overview of what’s been happening lately in the our camp.


  • All Forms now prevent double submission of data
  • Todo Widgets now only display important tasks that have due dates first, forced Descending order which shows the upcoming todos first ( ex. due today)
  • Added a default activity widget for when a user signs up for the first time, so they don’t have to struggle to find out how to use our widgets.
  • Meebo has been acquired by Google so support is starting to die, we’ve disabled it by default now.
  • Since most people use the new basecamp we have removed links to the old importer and will be updating the import in the upcoming months
  • Fixed the Extended Description formatting of Todos
  • Our Mobile website now allows logging in using Email
  • The strange bug that reset a lot of our users Storage subscriptions has been fixed, very unfortunate bug and we do apologize for any inconvenience.
  • We’re testing some new Force Download options for our File Storage please report any bugs within the application.
  • Fixed creation of Default Groups in Todos and other applications
  • and much much more 🙂

We are trying to get our API launched very soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you all for all your support!
Freedcamp CEO
Angel Grablev