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Version 2.0: A Milestone In Project Management.

After countless hours in the office, and an unmeasurable amount of coffee, Freedcamp has climbed yet another step in online project management. Today, we unveil our newest creation of the free application that you have come to love. We would like to thank you, each and every user, as we could not have done this alone. You have pushed us to create a product that we are exceptionally proud of, and without your support this would not be possible.

Now that Version 2.0 is official, what’s in store for the future? Lots, lots more. We will continue to fully support and improve Freedcamp each and every day. We believe project management is an ever-growing field and can only be improved.


  • Private Messages
  • Social Integration
  • Instant Updates – Application Wide

Progress happens one step at a time. So, to each and every user out there, including those we have yet to reach, please continue your support and help spread the word that free project management is here!

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  1. Christian says

    Is it possible to place the dashboard inside a Project instead of the “wall”? I’d like to open the website and immediately see my project’s dashboard. It is some kind of a annoying flow to always choose project first and then “go back to main dashboard”

    • lt4ylor says

      The Dashboard is an overview of all your projects. You don’t have to go into each project to view a dashboard, they are all connected to the main dashboard.

    • Pål Hetland says

      I would also like to see the dashboard be a bit more useful. I dont use timer and the milestones, and the task list is for me useless. It is not possible to see what tasks have completed and which are still beeing worked on.

      Thanks for creating this awesome software btw. I really love it and have switched completely to this. This is now beeing used by myself and my team of 12 on many different projects.

      • lt4ylor says

        Awesome to hear!

        Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently implementing more features to the dashboard, making it more robust and easier to gather information.