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Highlights of Version 2.0!

With the launch of Version 2, Freedcamp is proud to deliver a list of our most highlighted features. We hope you enjoy the new additions!

  • Full SSL Encryption
  • Application Wide Email Notifications
  • Reply By Email
  • SMS notifications
  • Customizable Notification Settings
  • Ajax Interface
  • Chrome Browser Notifications
  • Social Media Connect Featuring Twitter, Facebook, and Google Accounts
  • Hosted Avatars
  • Project Templates
  • Core “Wall” Application
  • Customizable Dashboard Widgets
  • File Versioning
  • Invitation Management
  • Integration With Google Contacts
  • Improved Client/User Role Management
  • Freedcamp Application Marketplace
  • Application Management For Core And Marketplace Apps
  • Improved WYSIWYG Editor In Comments
  • Starred/Sticky Discussions
  • New Sort By Features
  • Application Wide Timer
  • Improved Extended Descriptions
  • Drag To Delete Modifications
Improvements and additional features will be coming soon, so stick around!


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  1. Yassine says

    Great thank you for the good job :)

    • lt4ylor says

      Glad you like it!

  2. Rob Reale says

    Very excited at this release. Freedcamp is very intuitive – actually it’s not just intuitive, it’s cleverly intuitive: and that’s huge. When it’s not obvious it’s very figure-out-able, some of the conventions I have found here (and nowhere else) are just fantastic.

    Now let’s get you guys a super WordPress theme to match this awesome product!! (email me)

    • lt4ylor says

      Thanks Rob!

      Our goal is to offer a more social aspect to project management. We would like to change the Company > You aspect, and focus on collaboration and sharing ideas.

      Thanks for the offer, but we are currently working on the design for a new WordPress theme.

  3. Eric says

    great stuff! loved freedcamp before and even more now.

    • lt4ylor says


  4. Olivier says

    Love it — great job!

    Couple of things that would be awesome for a subsequent release :

    * Add some colors/skins options (a tad too white);
    * Add the ability to sort DISCUSSIONS topics by date of last post (i.e. last ones with activity at the top);
    * Add some sort of contextual tooltip/help giving basic directions.

    Keep up the great work =) Can’t wait to tackle my next school project using FC!

    • Olivier says

      Never mind “* Add the ability to sort DISCUSSIONS topics by date of last post (i.e. last ones with activity at the top);”, figured it out =/

      It could be more intuitive if I could do so by clicking at the column header.

  5. steve says

    Great improvements! A few suggestions:
    1. Template Milestones: When setting milestone due date, it would be helpful to have an option to base the due dates off a final due date for a project. For instance, if my project is due on Dec 31st, then my milestones could be based off that date. So, Milestone 1 could be due on the Monday 16 weeks before Dec 31st, Milestone 2 could be due on the Wednesday 8 weeks before Dec 31st, etc. Freedcamp would still automatically calculate the due dates, but it acts more like a countdown towards a final due date. You would put project due date when you create the project, and the milestones would be automatically calculated.

    2. Could it be possible to nest to-dos under milestones? i.e. the milestone will be complete when all of the nested to-dos have been accomplished. Also, due dates would automatically be generated for tasks based on the milestone due date (see the countdown logic in suggestion #1 (i.e. task#1 is dues 1 week before Milestone #1 due date, which is due 16 weeks before the project due date).

    3. Based on suggestion #2, The current to-do tab could be renamed “Groups” for creating/editing the groups and individuals assigned to them. Both milestones and to-dos could be edited on one page (a combined milestone/todo tab), and you then select the group or individual who is responsible for the milestone/todo along with due dates, etc.

    Steve O.

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    […] Back in April I mentioned how useful we have found the free starter version of Freedcamp online project management software to be. Yesterday saw the launch of the improved Version 2. More details at […]

  7. Why says

    Why isn’t this downloadable as open source software I can install on my own server?

    • lt4ylor says


      We only offer a web based application at this time – no plans to offer a self-hosted solution, for now.


  8. Shawnna says

    I’m having issues getting google contacts integration to work when inviting new group members …

    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Shawnna,

      If you could post your issue on we should be able to get it resolved. Thanks!