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Top 5 Free Project Management Software in 2024

Top 5 free project management software 2024

Task management and productivity software is one of the hottest industries in 2024. Having been a part of the industry for the past 20 years, our input can help you choose the right tool for the job.

Defining Free

Even though many systems claim to have a free plan, you must be very careful when choosing the right system. For example, Trello, one of the best systems out there for many years, changed its pricing recently to limit its free plan to 10 “Workspaces,” or as we call them, Projects, and they limit their storage to 10 MB per file.

In our definition, FREE means fully managing as many projects as needed with as many collaborators as needed.

Benefits of using Project Management Software

Enhance Work Efficiency: Achieve not just more but also the most relevant work. Project management software minimizes the risk of repetitive tasks and unnecessary time spent on locating resources.

Minimize Tedious Tasks: The software links each task to overarching company goals, clarifying their contribution to the company’s ultimate vision. This understanding boosts employee motivation and the quality of their output.

Integrate Technology Tools: In the modern workplace, numerous tools are essential. Project management software amalgamates these tools (like Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive) into a single platform, enhancing efficiency.

Establish a Central Information Repository: It acts as a central hub for all project-related data, streamlining the storage and accessibility of information for teams and stakeholders.

Boost Interdepartmental Collaboration: At its essence, project management software is a tool for team collaboration. It fosters a connected, dynamic environment by uniting work, objectives, and personnel across various projects and departments.

Secure Data Storage: It safeguards your work in the cloud, preventing data loss from accidental deletions or misplacement while also maintaining privacy and organization.

The top 5 free project management software & tools in 2024

Here is our curated list of systems that will help boost your productivity at no cost!

1. Freedcamp: Best for small to medium-sized businesses

For almost 20 years, Freedcamp has provided the most advanced yet easiest-to-use collaboration tools. Allowing you to organize any type of project for free.

When it comes down to it, it has the most comprehensive offering for collaboration, tools like Tasks, Discussions, Milestones, Time Tracking, and an advanced Calendar.

For those who seek the most advanced system for free, there is no better alternative than offering unlimited projects, users, tasks, etc.

2. ClickUp: Intuitive system

ClickUp’s user-friendly and visually appealing interface simplifies its understanding and adoption. It is a favored option among startups with fewer resources and smaller teams that might not require extensive features.

Their offering is truly the closest to Freedcamp’s with unlimited users. The only limit is 100 MB of storage.

3. Trello: Great for simple projects

Trello excels in simplicity and kanban focused collaboration.

Sadly after being acquired by Atlassian, they changed their pricing to limit users to only 10 free projects (Workspaces)

3. Smartsheets: For people who enjoy spreadsheets

Consider Smartsheet as a sophisticated evolution of traditional spreadsheets, offering enhanced features. This platform is particularly user-friendly for businesses that manage projects with spreadsheets, including time management through timesheets.

Their free plan is limited to 1 user and 2 editors. After that, you will have to pay roughly $6/user/month

4. Jira: The tool for engineers

Jira, tailored for software development, is ideally set up for teams employing the Agile methodology. As a product of Atlassian, Jira is frequently utilized for standard development tasks such as bug tracking and projects that incorporate the Scrum process.

The free offering from Hira is up to 2 users with a limit of 2GB of storage.

5. Monday: For mid-sized businesses

Monday provides many applications that facilitate easy implementation and quick start-up. This is particularly advantageous for small businesses new to project management software. However, as your workload, company size, or team collaboration expands, you may encounter limits to its capabilities.

Their free offering is for up to 2 users and 3 projects.