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🏁 The Milestones Board – view milestones across all projects

After our Milestones redesign earlier this year, we felt like something was still missing. So now there’s finally a place where you can see all the milestones in your projects.

Say hello to the Milestones Board! It can be accessed by clicking the 4th icon in the top-menu.

Just like tasks, the Milestones board can be seen in List and Kanban view, with Gantt view coming next year.

All milestones are grouped by project, and clicking a project’s name in a Milestone’s title will redirect you to that project’s Milestones application.

Just like in a project, most of the attributes of a Milestone and its linked tasks, can be edited by clicking them: title, priority, progress, start/due date, assignee, tag etc.

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