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New Release Updates

While we work on some larger features we have updated our system with some small fixes and improvements throughout, here is a list of a few changes.

  • Fix on Tasky deletion of a task
  • Fixed ability to erase phone number from Notification Settings
  • Added automatic links within comments (anything that looks like a link will automatically become one!)
  • Fixed Milestone Ordering
  • Improved the language in different parts of Application to make more sense
  • Fixed Sorting on Todo Widget
  • Fixed Group ordering in Todos
  • Added ability to email the user who reported an issue in the Bug Tracker application.
Upcoming API launch and more.

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  1. Sajeena says

    I would like to whether there is an feature for closing an discussion or moving a discussion from one to another

    • agrublev says

      We have definitely discussed this type of feature. No real plans to implement yet. But in V3 we will definitely allow you to archive Discussions (and other items) that will no longer be visible at first.