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September Updates

We haven’t been updating our Blog as often as we’d like. Our hands have been tied up with support tickets and improving the system. So here is a quick overview of what’s been happening lately in the our camp.


  • All Forms now prevent double submission of data
  • Todo Widgets now only display important tasks that have due dates first, forced Descending order which shows the upcoming todos first ( ex. due today)
  • Added a default activity widget for when a user signs up for the first time, so they don’t have to struggle to find out how to use our widgets.
  • Meebo has been acquired by Google so support is starting to die, we’ve disabled it by default now.
  • Since most people use the new basecamp we have removed links to the old importer and will be updating the import in the upcoming months
  • Fixed the Extended Description formatting of Todos
  • Our Mobile website now allows logging in using Email
  • The strange bug that reset a lot of our users Storage subscriptions has been fixed, very unfortunate bug and we do apologize for any inconvenience.
  • We’re testing some new Force Download options for our File Storage please report any bugs within the application.
  • Fixed creation of Default Groups in Todos and other applications
  • and much much more :)

We are trying to get our API launched very soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you all for all your support!
Freedcamp CEO
Angel Grablev

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  1. webcuriousanimalis says

    What do you mean by “our API” ?

    How to create an app for the Freedcamp Marketplace ?

    • agrublev says

      We will first be releasing our API which is used by our mobile application to get information from Freedcamp. The ability to build applications in our Marketplace is unfortunately a little ways away. I will send you an email, because we are considering allowing Freelancers to build applications in our Marketplace.

  2. Brent says

    Thanks for the update. However, if I were you guys I would be focusing on the Basecamp import feature. Right now it only works for Basecamp classic and most people have moved to the new Basecamp. So, those of us who have the new Basecamp and would like to move to Freedcamp can’t at the moment.

    • agrublev says

      Brent you are absolutely right, and our focus is on using the new API for importing your projects over. Stay tuned 😉

      • 24e DESIGN CO says

        How long before we can expect an importer for the new Basecamp? I am absolutely in love with Freedcamp but I can’t move my team over until this happens. Very sad. :(

        • agrublev says

          We are very hopeful that we can make it happen within a month, two at most.

          • Renato says

            “we can make it happen within a month, two at most”. That was two months ago.

            Do you have any news about this? I’d really like to use freedcamp instead of bandcamp.. Will this feature be ready soon?

          • agrublev says

            Yes unfortunately we ran into some issues with our billing company and had to completely rebuild our marketplace to prevent any issues. So our team has been busy with that. However basecamp import is definitely on our agenda.

  3. 24e DESIGN CO says

    Well, we moved to Freedcamp anyway! (We love it so far.) However, I am not receiving any notifications. I have set notifications to “Full” – added my cell number for SMS, and connected Chrome for desktop notifications. Still no luck.

    • agrublev says

      Hey Lucas can you please contact me at so I can try and troubleshoot the issue with you?

  4. Jeremy Hawver says

    Regarding your Todo Widget changes…

    Something is not configured properly.

    1.) The most recent dates don’t appear to be at the top (DESCENDING), but rather the top of the list contains items far into the future. It seems logical to me that you’d want the most recent (past or present) item to be at the top of your list.
    2.) When defining individual projects, the dates don’t appear to following any order.

    I’d love to send screenshots if you’d like.


  5. Tammy says

    Just started to use FreedCamp – great tool. Just trying to see the fix on your second point regarding the To Do Widget placed in descending order? Mine is still randomly ordered. Is there an update I should be looking into?

    • agrublev says

      All fixed :)