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Release notes – 23 May 2015

It has been three weeks since last update.
A few days ago we released a few improvements we want to share.

Quick Add was released.
– You can change To-Do progress status directly from a widget.
– Project Templates were fully recreated as we described a while ago. Please talk to us to have an early access.
– We added extra email notifications to Issue Tracker application.
– We made some improvements in Time Tracking application.
– For those who run multiple project groups – email notifications now contain a project group name in addition to project name.
– We are trying to catch typos in emails, when you invite your team.

Have questions about these changes? Please leave a comment and let us know.

In May you created over 10,000 projects, 70,000 tasks, 6,000 discussions. Posted 48,000 comments and uploaded more than 21,000 files. This is truly awesome!
If you know friends who would like Freedcamp, please tell them about it, and help our community grow.

Team Freedcamp

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  1. Lance says

    Love the app. One question, why do I see completed issues in issue tracker? Shouldn’t I be able to turn off completed items for the entire view like in To Do’s?

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Lance,

      In Issue Tracker we have more advanced filters which you can actually save and have on left side. For example pre-created Newest Issues shows you only “All issues with Status in (Open, Invalid, In Progress, Review), sorted by Date Created from created today to oldest”. You can create your own one and it is sticky.
      I will email you a picture.

  2. Iago says

    Do you have any application to track the steps of the project? Something like gantt chart?
    Thank you for Freedcamp! =)

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      All resources are thrown now to building native mobile apps, analyzing where we fail to retain users and new premium pricing for business. This will allow us to raise extra funds and have dedicated engineers concentrating on pro features including Gantt.