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Quick Tip: how to link an existing TODO with a Milestone

Just click bell icon on right to quickly link or unlink a TODO to a Milestone.

Please click animated gif below to see full size.

How to link existing TODO to a Milestone

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  1. ally says

    What is the difference between a to-do (task) and a milestone? Is a milestone supposed to be a subtask?

    If so, it is silly that you have to create milestones and to-dos separately AND THEN link them. When you create a to-do in the edit or quick edit link there should be a “add a milestone” option there as well.

    It’d also be nice to be able to add multiple milestones at once to save a few clicks – and similarly, add multiple to-dos and files.

    • Igor Kryltsov says


      1. We want to add quick add to tasks and milestones
      2. We want to change Milestones view to make it look like Tasks view with ability to easily drag and drop tasks between Milestones, see unassigned yet tasks and drag and drop them to milestones etc.
      3. We want to add option to add Milestone when you add a task and add a task when you are inside Milestones app. I know it is not a proper solution but we have Quick Add – which allows to create a Milestone without leaving Tasks and a task when you are inside Milestones.

  2. AJ says


    I’m not be able to link Milestone and Tasks as there’s no bell icon in my Tasks list.

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi AJ,

      In Kanban (sticky notes) view please hit edit ‘pen’ icon to assign a milestone to a task.