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How our support works – making people WOW


I had a conversation with someone in support yesterday and I want to share this story with you. The story starts with David responding to a follow up email we send to people who signed up and became inactive. We have amazing

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Tasks Board


Meet the new Global Tasks Board. You can change task’s status by clicking an icon (1) just like you do when inside a project. All tasks are grouped by project, where each section can be collapsed (2). You also have

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Notifications Page – updated our tutorials

We have updated our documentation adding Notification page how-to. Notifications page is a source of all updates across all of your Freedcamp’s projects. By default, we show unread updates for things you are subscribed to for all of your projects.

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Release notes – 12 October 2015


Without further ado, this is what we’ve been working on: • Calendar Board – we are releasing the first version of global calendar. It is a full size page, just like your project’s Calendar to see all your project’s tasks, events,

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Calendar Board – a view from above


We want to improve a few things in Freedcamp next year – add more global and user friendly views for you and allow to track/see your projects progress across the board. One of our goals is to provide you with

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Subtasks – few weeks from launch


Hundreds of teams asked for Subtasks. We listened. We are in final stages of testing and will release them shortly. You will be able to add, edit, and delete subtasks in Freedcamp. See how subtasks will look like in List and

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Quick tip: remove distractions with full screen editing mode

Our editor allows you to remove distractions and see those long post entirely. Click animation below to zoom in.

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User Story – Alexander Dikov

Last year we realized that we need project management tool. It was first year when I worked independently, and my corporate experience was completely useless in the new environment.When you only talk to colleagues which placed in the same office

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Please Review Freedcamp


If you use Freedcamp – please go ahead and write a review. Be honest and tell others what you like in Freedcamp and what is missing. Thanks a lot, Angel, Alex, Dmitry, Katya, Bart & Igor

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User Story – Alejandro Adams

Here is an Amazing story Alejandro Adams shared with us. “For the past year I’ve been performing an unconventional role as area manager for two movie theatres in Silicon Valley. In March of 2013 I began overseeing both locations without

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