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From Project Management To Household Management.

Freedcamp is more than just a project management application, it helps families organize their day to day activities, chores, and goals. Today we introduce one of the many ways Freedcamp can be used within a household setting. Need to organize a

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Recent Server Downtime.

A response to our users regarding our recent downtime. Our service provider has made a few mistakes with our server configuration, causing our servers to become unavailable for short periods of time. With this in mind, we’re trying our best

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Version 2.0: A Milestone In Project Management.


After countless hours in the office, and an unmeasurable amount of coffee, Freedcamp has climbed yet another step in online project management. Today, we unveil our newest creation of the free application that you have come to love. We would

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Freedcamp in the Chrome Web Store!


A little while ago we decided to become a Chrome Web Store application to increase exposure (and our system supports chrome 110% as all developers use chrome). Now we have received so many great reviews we would love it if

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Can’t afford expensive PM solutions?

We understand where you’re coming from. Not so long ago we were a start up and couldn’t afford to pay the costs of these expensive project management applications. So we built Freedcamp, to finally create the last resting place for

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Project Management. Completely Free, Forever.

It’s an amazing thing nowadays — so many products are offered for free. We have free education through MIT, free email accounts with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, free VOIP with Skype, even an entire section of Craigslist is dedicated to

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