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Fine tune notifications using your email client

Most email clients these days are pretty sophisticated underused tools. Users often have very different requests about how to get one kind of notifications but not the other from these systems. Eventually we will add some customization but from our customer support experience all requests are very different. Creation of very flexible interface can lead to another problem – nobody will be able to understand how it works :)


Today we decided to give you an idea how you can get what is important for you and stack away the rest to unload your Inbox. We will use GMail and our goal for today is to filter away all email notifications but new comments.
We assume that you have ‘default’ settings set in Freedcamp which means that you are only notified on items your are subscribed to.

1. Create new label “Freedcamp Updates” in GMail
Create Label
2. All new comment emails are following this pattern “[Freedcamp Development] Alex S. ​​added a comment in Tasks [6468676]​”​
​3. All emails are coming from Freedcamp’s email
4. Create a rule/filter to put all emails except ones containing ​”​added a comment ” to “Freedcamp Updates” folder and mark as read (or delete them straight away, if you do not want them stored)

Create Filter

GoogleMail will show this popup – click ‘OK’.

Create Filter 2

On last step you have a few choices:

– you can use ‘Skip Inbox’ or Delete (1)
– if you decided to use ‘Skip Inbox’ you can also ‘Mark as Read’ (2)
– apply the label we created (3)
– finally apply filter to all matching email in your Inbox (4)

Create Filter 3

Now you only have new comments emails in your Inbox with everything else either deleted or stored outside inbox and labelled.

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