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Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to your posts

Now you can embed videos from YouTube & Vimeo to your tasks, discussions and comments. First – simply grab a link as shown.



In edit mode in Freedcamp click ‘Source’ button (1) and paste embed code to your post (2).

Embed video Freedcamp post

Here it is a video attached to a To-Do in Freedcamp.

Video added to a task in Freedcamp

If you want to edit video embed after you saved – hit edit, switch to ‘Source’ and remove embed or edit it, if needed.

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  2. Richard Meldner says

    I placed the embed code from a Youtube video, but it seems you are striping out the allowfullscreen attribute after saving the post. Is there a reason for that?

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  4. Bill Roard says

    Does it only work for those specific domains? I was trying to embed a poll and it’s not showing up

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Bill,

      Yes – only for these two domains.

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